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The exterior paint color on houses and other structures is part of the external look of the property and pre-approval is required by the Architectural Control Committee before project commencement. Please read the Home Project Approval page for more details.

Please include your address and all colors requested for use in the format shown below. Some fields may not apply.


  • Address: 17704 NE 105th Street
  • Body:
    • Brand: Fictitious Paint
    • Color: Snowflake White WW8124
  • Trim Color:
    • Brand: Fictitious Paint
    • Color: Adobe Brown BB1146
  • Accent Color:
    • Brand: Fictitious Paint
    • Color: Oatmeal WW1278
  • Door Color (if unique):
    • Same as trim color.
  • Other Color:
    • Not applicable

To submit a request for approval, send e-mail to the board at board/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org. Click on the previous link then edit the e-mail address in the TO field, replace /at/ with the '@' sign, replace /adot/ with a '.' so that the e-mail address resembles

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