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Fences are part of the external look of the property and are subject for approval by the Architectural Control Committee.  Please read the Home Project Approval page for more details.

To submit a request for approval, send e-mail to the board at board/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org. Click on the previous link then edit the e-mail address in the TO field, replace /at/ with the '@' sign, replace /adot/ with a '.' so that the e-mail address resembles someone@abbeyroadhoa.org

For a seamless look, fences along the boulevard and trails are required to be painted the same color. The complete stain details can be found below:

Sherwin-Williams Duckback SuperDeck Semi-Solid Exterior Waterbourne Formula Deck Stain with 6508-69258 Tint Base in custom color Abbey Road Fencing.

In case our custom color cannot be found, the color components per gallon (SD5T15) are as follows:

B1 (Black) - 3/32 oz
N1 (Raw Umber) - 68/32 oz
W1 (White) - 22/32 oz
R2 (Maroon) - 1/32 oz

It's recommended that you purchase the stain from Redmond Sherwin-Williams store on Redmond Way as other stores don't have access to our custom color formula without calling the Redmond store. To contact the Redmond Sherwin-Williams store call 425-881-8070. Identify yourself as an Abbey Road Homeowner and receive a 10% discount or wait for their quarterly sale of 40% off or monthly sale of 30% off.

Sherwin-Williams recommends a single coat of stain with no rain 3 days before or after application for best results. Consult with Sherwin-Williams for additional questions or recommendations on paint/stain application e.g. apply stain during warmer temperatures.

When considering a fence or deck, read the City of Redmond FAQ on Fences and Decks for specific city requirements in addition to the requirements specified in the CC&R.

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