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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How do I send e-mail to an Abbey Road HOA address?  The e-mail address, someone/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org fails to send the e-mail.
    For successful e-mail delivery, modify the address as follows:
    • Replace /at/ with an @ (at sign).
    • Replace /adot/ with a . (dot or period).

    The e-mail address should look like someone@abbeyroadhoa.org

    This was done in an effort to reduce spam sent to Abbey Road e-mail addresses.

  • We're new to Redmond, where do I go for licenses, utilities, etc.?
    The information found in the Redmond, WA | Official Website is a good place to start.
  • We need to do some work on our home, do we need approval from the HOA?
    Please read the Home Project Approval page for details.  Any work that affects the external look of your property is subject for approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Please get your approval before starting any projects.
  • I can't find my copy of the CC&R, where can I get another copy?
    You can download a copy of the CC&R from the Governing Documents page. 
  • We have fire sprinklers in our home. I heard that there's a recall on fire sprinklers?
    There's a recall on fire sprinkler heads that are installed on some homes in Abbey Road.  Please read the Fire Sprinkler Head Recall page for details.
  • What's the name of the paint used on the fences along the boulevard?
    Please see the Fence page.
  • How do I find out where my property line is?  I can't find my markers.
    Consult the plat maps for Abbey Road for the definitive coordinates for your lot.
  • How do I get a locking mailbox?
    Please see locking mailbox and send e-mail to the board.
  • Is there a designated off-leash area in the Abbey Road neighborhood?
    There is no off leash area in Abbey Road including surrounding trails. Residents must observe the King County leash law which considers it unlawful for any person to allow a pet to run at large.  There is an off-leash area at nearby Marymoor Park. 

    Please read the Pets page for more information on animal laws in the City of Redmond and King County.

  • How do I complain about dogs running wild, barking dogs, dead animal pick up, and other associated animal issues?
    Call King County Animal Control at 206-296-7387 or go to King County Animal Control - Field Services web page.
  • Is there an organized recycling event for the community?
    The City of Redmond holds recycling events three times a year in April, July and October.  Check the City of Redmond Redmond, WA | Official Website for details.
  • What do I do about disabled and abandoned vehicles in the neighborhood?
    Consult the City of Redmond, WA | Official Website
  • What are the rules for home businesses in a neighborhood?
    Consult the City of Redmond, WA | Official Website.
  • Are you landscaping with Noxious Weeds?
    Some of your landscape plants may be noxious weeds - Ivy, English Holly and Pampas Grass are invasive and can destroy forest land and open space. Please remove these plants from your landscaping!

    Note: Ivy almost always escapes below fences, and is completely destructive to native understory plants in our neighborhood Open Spaces. Hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent to control open space ivy spread at Abbey Road, under guidance of the City of Redmond.

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