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  The Board

The Abbey Road Homeowners Association Board of Directors is a board elected by the homeowners.  It is a volunteer board made up of current Abbey Road homeowners.  Consult the association's governing documents, namely the CC&Rs, Bylaws and Article of Incorporation, for more information about the association and the board.

To contact the HOA board, send e-mail to board/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org.

To send e-mail to the board or individual members, click on the link. Edit the e-mail address in the TO field, replace /at/ with the '@' sign, replace /adot/ with a '.' so that the e-mail address resembles someone@abbeyroadhoa.org

The current board members are:

President Neil Barnett
  e-mail: president/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org
Vice-President John Stilin
  email: vicepresident/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org
Secretary Maggie Xu
  e-mail: secretary/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org
Treasurer Joe Hatch
  e-mail: treasurer/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org
Board Members Neil Barnett, Joe Hatch, Art Pagnotta, Jim Palmquist, John Stilin, Maggie Xu
Architectural Committee Chair Kelly Sheffield
  e-mail: architecture/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org
Landscape Committee Chair Richard Quan Liu
  e-mail: landscape/at/abbeyroadhoa/adot/org

For normal mail the association address is:

Abbey Road Homeowners Association
17704 NE 105th Street
Redmond, WA 98052



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