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Pet licenses are required by both the City of Redmond and King County.  You can buy or renew a pet license online from King County or in person from the City of Redmond.  For a list of locations where you can get a pet license in person, click here.

The Abbey Road neighborhood is in a leash law area of King County. The following is from the King County Animal Services FAQ web page.

In general, the leash laws are in effect in all urban areas in King County. It doesn’t matter whether the urban area is part of a city or in unincorporated King County, the leash laws apply.

King County Animal Services Regulation lists the following reasons for impounding of animals.

  • Animal running at large or trespassing;

    At large is when your animal is off your property and not under your immediate control either by voice, or by leash in leash law areas.

    Trespassing means your animal is on anothers' private property without permission.

  • No valid license on animal.

  • Animals with vicious propensities.

  • Animals that have threatened, attacked, bitten or attempted to bite a person, or presented an apparent attitude of attack, are subject to impound and possible quarantine.

Uncontrolled animals can be a nuisance to others and can lead to the impounding of the animals.

The King County Board of Health Code Title 10 Solid Waste Regulations Section 10.08.040 Animal Waste defines the scoop law.

From the City of Redmond Stormwater / Drainage web page.

  1. Practice proper pet waste disposal.  A day's waste from one large dog can contain 7.8 billion fecal coliform bacteria.

  2. When walking: bag it.  Bring plastic bags with you when you walk your dog.  Use a bag to pick up the dog waste.  Tie bag closed and place in trash.

  3. At home: trash it.  Double bag dog waste or kitty litter.  Tie securely and place in garbage.

  4. At home option:  flush it.  If you are on a sewer system (not septic) flush dog or cat waste down the toilet.  Kitty litter should not be flushed because it can clog your toilet or pipes.

  5. Tips for bagging it:  keep a supply of bags near your dog leash.  Reuse old newspaper, bread, or sandwich bags.  Tie bags on the leash if you don't have pockets.

From the City of Redmond Stormwater / Drainage FAQ web page.

Pet waste can be picked up by rain as it travels down the storm drain carrying with it bacteria and other harmful materials into streams.


  • Abide by all state and local animal laws.
  • License your pet.
  • Maintain control of your pet so it will not be a nuisance to others.
  • Spay or neuter your pet to prevent unwanted litters.
  • Always remove waste products quickly to prevent health hazards. Remember, children may play in areas where animals have been.

For animal problems you can contact the King County Animal Control - Field Services.

When the problem animal belongs to a neighbor, please consider talking to your neighbor first to resolve the problem.


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