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Project status is categorized as Active, Ongoing, or Complete.

Project ideas can be submitted to the board via email.  Please include as much detail as possible and add pictures for illustration.

  • Brick Fence (July 17-20, 2017)

    Your neighborhood association keeping Abbey Road looking good. Your Abbey Road HOA fees were at work the week of July 17th to clean moss and mildew from the brick wall entry at 104th Street.

    Brick fence with mildew.

    Side by side comparison.

    A clean wall.

    Homeowners with the wall enclosing their backyards are encouraged to use a bristle brush to remove any moss on the wall facing the back of their properties. Use a low PSI with fan nozzle if using a pressure washer to avoid mortar damage.

  • Trail Refurbishment with Neighborhood Match Grant (Completed Summer 2016)

    The Abbey Road neighborhood was awarded a Match Grant from the City of Redmond to stabilize and refurbish the pedestrian trail leading into the Open Space Tract A ravine. A City of Redmond planning team consisting of planners and Parks and Recreation personnel consulted on-site and gave support and permission for the project.

    The Match Grant was awarded by Mayor Marchione to representatives of the Abbey Road HOA during a July 19, 2016 City Council meeting.

    The trail was resurfaced with gravel and stairs were built on the first two steep entry sections for a safe walking experience, and to help control erosion damage. Fence sections were also built to protect Tract A Open Space from off-trail bike damage.

    Enjoy the new and safer walking trail through the Abbey Road Open Space!

  • NE 104th Street Landscape (Complete)

    You may have noticed changes along NE 104th Street. Years-old weed and litter-infested ivy has been removed. Holly is actually now a Class C noxious weed in King County, and is no longer commonly used in landscaping installations. Ivy tends to escape control and overtake all other plantings. This had happened on both ends of the brick walls along 104th street. Ivy also climbs into trees, creating hundreds of pounds of extra weight in the trees over time, leading to potential tree toppling.

    The Portuguese Laurel hedge sections along 104th have also been reduced in height for a better and more manageable appearance. Tree limbs overhanging the street, sidewalk and entry planters have also been trimmed back.

  • Broken & Raised Sidewalk Repair (Active)

    The broken and raised condition of the sidewalk along 179th Ave has been documented and provided to the City of Redmond.  These safety concerns were communicated to the City's Street Supervisor in a meeting.  The City agreed to add this area of sidewalk to their yearly grinding program, which begins in March.  Corrective action is expected to involve grinding down high spots and/or adding asphalt ramps to eliminate abrupt elevation changes.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Abbey Road HOA Board of Directors.

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