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  English Ivy  

Our Abbey Road neighborhood has the peace and beauty of a 7.5 acre forest to enjoy. Like all woodland areas next to homes and man-made landscaping, it can be damaged by incursion of plants that overrun property lines into forest understory.

Below are links from the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board that gives information on best practice for English Ivy control, removal and alternatives.

English Ivy frequently escapes landscaped areas, and grows rapidly in the forest where it is not wanted, and is damaging. It is a Class C noxious weed in King County. Ivy can grow into hundreds of pounds of weight when allowed to climb into trees, making the trees susceptible to toppling over in high wind. Ivy is also known to be attractive to rodents as a hiding place.

If you have English Ivy growing on your property, please make sure that it is not growing into the Abbey Road forest and open space. Better yet, remove the ivy entirely from your property, and select another ground cover such as kinnikinnick.

The following photos show an example of an Abbey Road location where ivy is encroaching over property lines.


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